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Health is a state of complete physical, mental & social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
— World Health Organization

As a certified whole food prevention-based health and wellness coach Ronna Corlin, CHHC, AADP has a proven record of conceiving, executing and presenting strategies for an integrative lifestyle with enduring results. Her focus is on the whole person, not just symptoms, through individualized actions plans and healthy living education. Ronna is an innovator in both entrepreneurial and corporate settings. She brings a unique combination of food knowledge, nutrition education, counseling and communications experience to her health practice.

THRIVE NOW NUTRITION works with busy executives to reboot. Replayed one-size-fits-all nutrition theories that over-promise and under-deliver are replaced by customized programming designed to increase productivity, to reduce sick days and to prevent added healthcare expenses. We deliver professional results. Executives and staff are empowered to take charge of their health with holistic eating strategies and self-care practices that restore balanced health to the body naturally. 

Time-challenged professionals who long to feel as good as their business plans are introduced to lifestyle changes that generate new sources of energy. Earlier fatigue, sleeplessness, sugar and caffeine cravings and compromised concentration perpetuated by poor lifestyle choices need not continue. Ronna shares a unique toolbox which educates and motivates lasting lifestyle changes. Thriving, it's discovered, is good for business.


One-to-One Counseling | Wellness Workshops | Lunch & Learns | Green Market Shopping Tours | 6-Month Comprehensive Wellness Programs | Executive Health Coaching |  Navigating Healthy Choices in Restaurants & While Traveling | Healthy Eating Thought Pieces for Company Blogs & Newsletters


Health in-a-Hurry: Smart Nutrition for Busy Professionals

Jumping Over Business Lunch Obstacles

Eating for Real Energy: Dining al Desko and Solving the Mystery of the 3PM Crash

The OTHER Affordable Wellness Act: Plant-Based Eating

Getting Rid of the Sugar Blues

Holiday Boot Camp: How to Survive the Season and Thrive

New Year, New You: Start Fresh

Heart Health: Powering Up on Plants

Eat for Energy Boot Camp for Tax Season (for Accountants)

corporate testimony:

I consider Ronna a most effective nutrition and health educator. While at Whole Foods Market, Ronna was the Northeast region’s most prolific and creative designer of wellness presentations. Her passion, fueled by her knowledge and experience had a profound effect on her clients and co-workers. Because she works from an evidence-based perspective, combined with a personality that really motivates and provides follow-through, her methods work. Her healthy eating education has had the effect of boosting productivity, reducing employee absenteeism due to illness, and increasing team member performance. Greater work efficiency combined with employees leading happier, healthier and less stressful lives: truly an effective pairing in today’s competitive competitive market. Ronna has the energy, passion and proficiency to create and support health and wellness programs in corporate settings.
— Tim Williams, Regional Forager/Healthy Eating Specialist, Whole Foods Market
Ronna, I really connected with your message on treating food as medicine. You created a buzz among staff members during our 28-day Healthy Eating Challenge while facilitating healthier choices with great results! Those who participated are leaner and more vibrant because of your guided direction and energized teaching style. A consummate professional, you have a way of embracing and inspiring the room with your warmth and knowledge.
— Pablo G., after completing 28-day Team Member Healthy Eating Challenge



JCC Mid-Westchester - Guest speaker 'Healthy Eating On-The-Go For Busy Professionals'Eating for Longevity - a talk for Seniors

Scarsdale Public Library - Guest speaker 'The OTHER Affordable Wellness Act: Plant-Based Eating'

WVOX-Radio -  Discussed Eating for Health with host Paul Feiner

Stamford Hospital - 'Eat Well, Be Well' Wellness Series sponsored by Stamford Hospital's Bennett Cancer Center

Darien Library - Guest speaker and panelist for Health and Wellness Series 'A Picture of Health'

Fidelis Care - Health Awareness Day

New York Sport's Club - Guest speaker 'Refreshing Your Eating Style in the New Year'

WESTMED Medical Group - Guest speaker 'Healthy Eating: Getting Started'

Nursing Student's Association of NY State Annual Convention - Guest Speaker 'Food as Medicine: Healthy Eating Starts Here'

Darien WholeFoods Market - Host & Guide Health & Wellness Week; Guest Speaker 'Getting Rid of Food Addiction: How I Lost 19 lbs. in 100 Days Eating Like a Nutritarian'

Whole Foods Market Yonkers - Host & Guide for Team Member 28-Day Engine 2 Healthy Eating Challenge; Host Lunch & Learn with vegan elite athlete and best-selling author of Engine 2 Diet, Rip Esselstyn

Greenburgh Nature Center - Host for film documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie screening with guest speaker Exec Producer Joe (The Juicer) Cross

NY Covenant Church -  Panel speaker for screening of documentary film changing the way America eats - Forks Over Knives


1.) Panelist at film screening of food documentary film 'Forks Over Knives' - New Rochelle, NY