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5 Foods I Eat Everyday to Boost My Energy

A warm welcome to THRIVE NOW NUTRITION, your guide to living whole and well. As a passionate plant-based nutrition & lifestyle coach I will guide, empower and educate you - upgrading your feel-good strategies without necessity of dieting, deprivation, or counting calories.

The landscape of nutritional supporters has gotten crowded. As a wellness coach, I work with clients to assess, upgrade and transform their health. No dietary plan works for everyone. As a personal advocate in your corner I can help you navigate this journey while keeping you feeling inspired and supported.

My evidence-based, practical approach focuses on personalization – your tastes, your lifestyle and your goals. I share a unique playbook that can recharge your battery and restore balanced health without sacrificing an ounce of pleasure. I believe the food we eat should taste exceptional. Even favorite comfort foods deserve a makeover. Life on-the-run should nourish and energize you. Why just survive when there is an option to thrive?



We partner with clients in a strategy session to evaluate eating and lifestyle habits, food triggers and personal health goals. Based on this assessment a customized program is designed with bite-sized incremental changes. Emphasis is on whole plant-centered food and juicy self-care. You will find that rigid dieting, sporadic cleansing and costly supplementation are not on the menu, and weight loss is just the sideshow. Highly motivated, you discover that permanent change is possible.


We toss out the belief that healthy eating should mean deprivation. We take a playful approach to a new kind of simple ‘fast food’. Through individually-tailored food shopping trips (virtual and in-person), culinary coaching in deliciously simple food prep (that’ll compete with what you currently eat!) we upgrade your pantry and reshape your plate. With a comprehensive toolkit and roadmap for achieving all of your goals eating on-the-go becomes automated and real change begins.


With a rebooted palette cravings and insatiable hunger are no more. New sources of energy revitalize your passion for healthy living. New confidence in the kitchen, the supermarket and the takeout line becomes intuitive. New habits are second nature. The road to restoring balanced health is filled with pleasure and reward. Look at you thrive.                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  • Increase your energy and stamina?
  • Learn to prepare easy, quick, delicious and healthy whole food meals?
  • Decrease dependence on medication or costly supplementation?
  • Be more focused and productive balancing work and life?
  • Find a sustainable healthy eating plan that can save time and money at the market?
  • Find time on your busy to-do list to prioritize YOU, to unplug and recharge, while optimizing the well-being of those dearest to you?

MY CLIENTS include...

 BUSY PROFESSIONALS juggling a home life, stressful work demands and an endless to-do list who are challenged to eat better and prioritize daily self-health.
BUSINESSES that want to optimize the performance of their workforce, reduce healthcare costs and increase the corporate bottom line.                                                                                                   ✓RECOVERING PATIENTS seeking to promote healing and optimize immunity through a whole, fresh foods, plant-rich lifestyle.                    
OVERWEIGHT PROFESSIONALS (i.e. 50+ lbs.) who want to benefit from a lifestyle change that shows improved results rapidly.                                                                                                                                       INDIVIDUALS IN TRANSITION who are ready to focus on a lifestyle transformation and feel their best.                                                           


1. Transition from the standard American diet (SAD) to a nourishing whole food, plant-centered plan. 2. Get off the diet roller coaster for good, eliminate chronic hunger and lose weight without feeling deprived. 3. Heal chronic issues related to IBS, PMS, low blood sugar and cravings. 4. Explore low grade wheat intolerance. 5. Discover an eating style to heal thyroid imbalance. 6. Improve sleep habits, regulate mood and clear thinking. 7. Learn to fit healthy eating into your busy schedule. 8. Automate meal planning and weekly food prep. 9. Establish lifetime habits that uncover new sources of energy and free up time. 10. Upgrade to a fully-charged life.

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