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individual COACHING

As a coach, I provide highly personalized health counseling services. My emphasis is on custom-tailoring a program for you. Together we take a dietary leap into the land of nutritional excellence. You become adept at being strategic about your health, make a seismic shift in your well-being and truly discover how the body is designed to feel when fueled optimally.

I partner with clients in a relaxed style in-person or by phone. For clients who live a distance away, or simply want to benefit from guided support scheduled conveniently from the office, while commuting or back at home, I provide flexible options to help others to reclaim the sort of vitality they might not have imagined is possible.

If you are looking to:

  • Transition to a more whole, fresh, unprocessed food lifestyle
  • Eat healthier intuitively (emptying your head of judgment of good/bad foods, calorie counting and measuring portions)
  • Learn to navigate the conflicting nutritional info surrounding diet trends, detoxing and weight loss
  • Heal chronic issues related to sugar & caffeine addiction, stress and IBS
  • Discover an eating style that nourishes thyroid imbalance, explores wheat sensitivity and promotes all day energy
  • Get off the diet rollercoaster and lean out naturally (regardless of your age)
  • Skip feeling deprived of your favorite foods and build an arsenal of delicious, on-the-go meals and snacks
  • Budget shop in green markets and experience the benefits of dedicated whole food, plant-centered seasonal eating
  • Set up a bullet-proof kitchen to eat for optimal health
  • Batch cook more to simplify strategic meal planning
  • Stay healthy traveling on business and navigating restaurant menus
  • Fit healthy eating into your busy lifestyle

Individual Sessions 


Transitioning the Kitchen for Whole, Plant-based, Clean Eating



Getting Started: When was the last time you spoke with someone about your eating and your health and received the personal attention you deserve? See if you qualify for a free Thrive Now Strategy Session and contact me at

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COMPREHENSIVE 6-MONTH                                                                               WELLNESS PROGRAMS                                                                                

It takes approximately three weeks to change your palette and six months for new habits to become permanent. My expanded wellness programs take a deeper dive into a way of using whole, plant-based food as medicine, to restore and heal balance in the body. 84% of lifestyle disease is preventable and often reversible.

The 6-Month Wellness Program helps to  end cravings, poor digestion, sleep deprivation, high anxiety, sugar/caffeine addiction. Clients are supported in cultivating a home and work environment which automates healthy living choices.

This deeper dive is not exclusively a weight loss program. It is a longevity program which leads participants to discover how our food choices directly impact energy and the body’s ability to shed weight and lean out naturally. They become more knowledgeable about leading edge nutrition and are better equipped to shop and cook for dietary excellence. Toxic cravings and hunger fade. Participants eat as much as they want but want less. Toss the food scale, the diet foods and the 100 calorie Oreo® packs. This is a whole new way of looking at food and its power to and transform lives. 

3 programs are offered:


includes 2-50 minute sessions per month, in-person, by phone or Skype. Sessions notes with materials (recommendations, handouts, tips, product ideas, articles, recipes) are provided following each session. Plus Starter Kit with Getting Started goodies.


includes the above plus structured email between sessions, a cooking DVD and books.                                            


offers 2- 50 minute sessions monthly plus weekly check-ins and unlimited email between sessions. Healthy Kitchen Makeover, Green Market Tour with Ronna and Goody Boxes mailed throughout the program filled with food products, books, personal care and more.

(In-home coaching available. Adjusted rates for phone coaching and/or prepayment.)


Individual Sessions:

Have you previously experienced a health transformation and are you feeling like it's time to reboot?                                                                                     Need to troubleshoot recent slip-ups that tempt the return of old habits which no longer serve you?                                                                                       Is there a special event coming up that fuels your desire to lose a few additional pounds?

Consider a refresh. I offer these abbreviated sessions to provide accountability, motivation and tools for success to give your self-health routine a boost.

15 minutes Check-ins

30 minute Coaching Sessions


Healthy Eating Education combined with Whole Food, Plant-Based Culinary Demonstrations

Parlor Parties that Celebrate Eating Clean and Living Well

Lunch & Learn Workshops


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