I believe that Ronna has added years to my life. With her inspirational (yet realistic) coaching style she weaned me from a life-long dependency on sugar to a more balanced plant-based eating style. I now actually look forward to eating my vegetables. This has had a profound impact on my ability to be productive without the dips in energy that I experienced daily before working with Ronna. She shopped with me, guided me in quick, easy, healthy food preparation and turned nourishing myself and my family with clean, whole foods into a relaxing ritual during a fast-paced week. I took Ronna’s six month program which allowed for sustainable habit changes and a cleansing of my palette for nutritious foods I now love because they are prepared deliciously. Ultimately, this has helped both my personal and business life. I would highly recommend Ronna (Thrive Now Nutrition) to busy, results-driven professionals who are looking to manage and leverage their most valuable assets - their energy and their health. It’s good for business.
— Julie Cottineau, Founder and CEO BrandTwist
I met Ronna and immediately connected with her plant-centered eating style and healthy living philosophy. She taught me how to truly nourish my body. Her flash cooking culinary instruction has helped me to build an arsenal of fueling favorites. Together, we have walked the aisles of the green market, where Ronna has shared her knowledge, favorite products lining the grocery shelves and healthy eating tricks for eliminating cravings. Her encouragement and support helped to reach my goal weight!
— Miki Alicastro, Rowayton, Connecticut
I always looked forward to my sessions with Ronna. As someone who tends to do too much, she was brilliant at helping me to push my reset button to recharge my health and get clear about how to take charge of my own happiness. She gave me the tools and encouragement to find my flow while having fun in the process. Her coaching approach is fresh and progressive. It’s in tune with healing the body inside and out.
— D.S.
Ronna, thank you for your commitment and knowledge. You have been instrumental in changing my lifestyle and transforming my life. .
— P.F.
Holistic nutrition has completely changed how I think about my body, food and my relationship to the outdoors. I always thought I was eating healthy but working with Ronna Corlin has showed me something I have been missing. I have opened a door to a healthier life. I now really hear the things my body is telling me every day. With an awakened palette, I’m eager to experiment in the kitchen with leafy greens and herbs! Ronna is personable and informative in her sessions. She mailed me memorable goodie packages. Ronna’s 6-month program has changed me mentally and physically and I will take this lifestyle into the future.
— Christine Piccora
Ronna, I cannot begin to tell you what an impact you have had on my life and my journey to wellness these past few months. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, your time, your professionalism and your incredible support with me. You have been such a magnificent coach, and I thank you for being my trusted guide, sounding board, and advocate on this transformative journey. I couldn’t have arrived at the place I’m now at without you.
— P.A.
Ronna, thank you. I’m following your suggested healthy eating plan and it’s great! I’m off almost all sugars!
— B.L.
I am a runner that has taken up ultra distance and extra long workouts. I am also an athlete with food allergies and do not have the luxury of eating whatever I want. Ronna worked with me and covered all of the bases to assure I was properly fueled with healthy, smart whole foods. Before working with Ronna I was a self-proclaimed non-cook. After my very first session with her and then on into our 6-month program things changed. I began to shop and flash-cook delicious, fresh and seasonal food that satisfies my appetite and fuels my body. My kitchen is finally being used to its’ fullest potential. I continue to put into practice the guidance and wisdom that Ronna gave to me during our time together.
— Christy Leggio, Distance runner
Some people are true gems; Ronna Corlin however is a diamond. She has a way of being so present and real, seeming like you have always known her, while inspiring you to live the life you have always wanted to live. Ronna coached me during one of the most transitional times in my life and I truly believe she was a catalyst for my success. If you are a lover of authenticity, down to earth approach and living every day to its fullest, Ronna is someone to have by your side. I am so grateful for her passion,consistency and genuine caring.
— Rachel Brownlee, Ashville, North Carolina
Ronna you rock! The healthy eating tour you offered my boys and myself was filled with a wealth of information. You make healthy eating education fun!
— Peter Ostfeld, CFO and Whole Foods Market Customer in Darien, CT