Raising the Nutrient Bar on Sandwich-making

by Thrive Now Nutrition

Ever make a sandwich or lunch wrap using lettuce rather than bread? It offers the light flexible energy of a salad to power through your day. You can use a variety of leafy options such as Boston, Green Leaf and Butter lettuces. I prefer Romaine for wrapping because it’s sturdy and crisp. Also, the life force which is evident in the root system of the romaine leaves is noteworthy.


Method: Lay two large leaves out in a criss-cross fashion. Place the burger in the center of the leaves where they intersect. Top the burger with a nutrient-dense spread like @followyourheart vegan mayonnaise (chipotle please!), hummus or a favorite vegetable pate, and top with grilled vegetables. Fold the lettuce leaves over the stack to create a pocket-sized sandwich that’s perfect for healthy eating on-the-run.