Little Loaded Morning Bowls: True North of Nutritional Excellence

by Thrive Now Nutrition

The idea of eating out of small bowls at breakfast, as is Asian tradition intrigues me.  It’s mindful and makes mealtime more of a nourishing ritual. It slows me down and fills me up on so many levels.

As a year old Nutritarian, eating for nutritional excellence is my daily goal. My diet is vegetable-based with an abundance of whole grains, beans, legumes, seeds, fruit and nuts and concentrating on eating foods with the greatest concentration of nutrients per calorie buck.  I have discovered a simple preparation in the morning which has overhauled my breakfast routine and helped me to shed 30 pounds over the last year, along with limited beliefs about how much or little to consume at the start of each day.

Little loaded bowls brimming with nourishing, nutrient loaded, plant-rich whole foods greet me many mornings. I take inspiration from the bigger noodle and grain bowls and super-sized salad bowls trending for lunch and dinner but the smaller bowls offer me variety and infuse the first meal of the day with an element of mindfulness that lingers long after the bowls are emptied.

BOWL #1                                                                                                                                                        While fruit added to yogurt is nothing new, the spin I put on it has become my guilty pleasure. I freeze fresh fruit, mainly raspberries, blueberries and cherries (you can substitute your own favorites) and toss’em into a bowl with a dollop of yogurt so the fruit to yogurt ratio is 3:1. The key is that the yogurt merely clings to the icy fruit (in the most inviting way.) For a second, you’ll think you mistakenly opened a pint of chunky ice cream … not. Sprouted nuts, seeds or a drizzle of maple syrup or local honey optional.

BOWL #2                                                                                                                                                                 Start with a hearty whole grain. Today it was oats for me. I prefer steel cut, rolled or oat groats, and to save time I’ll often prepare the longer cooking versions in batches and then reheat. I top with a spoonful of nut butter and let it meld into the warm grain for a minute or so. Raw cashew butter is a favorite, along with cinnamon or cocoa nibs, cashews and goji berries.

BOWL #3                                                                                                                                                               We all know the immune-boosting power of leafy greens which are easily incorporated into latter day salads, side dishes and fortifying main courses. I like to rev my engine early in the day with a colorful, nutrient-dense bowl of vegetable soup. I toss a handful of raw, sweet spinach into the bottom of the bowl and pour the warming ‘elixir’ on top which cooks the greens to a perfect consistency keeping the nutrient profile intact.

If your day requires a faster approach to packing in breakfast, grab a bento box and use a similar approach to filling it with fresh color and texture. But keep a pot of soup in the fridge all week so you can reheat it, even on the fly. Invest in a well insulated hot cup or small thermos and you’re on your way to a fortifying day before even heading out the door. That sort of morning intention has a huge payoff, of which sustained energy and clear thinking are just the beginning of your day. Good Morning.